William W. - Eau Claire, WI

"I purchased a deepwater lift swift lift with extension  and couldn't be happier.  It is simply an engineering marvel for anyone who wants to park a jet ski or light boat out of the water with ease.  I currently use mine to park two jet skis in tandem.  The adjustability that is built-in is well thought-out.  It is also very lightweight.  I assembled the lift with extensions in one location, easily disassembled, and moved it to my permanent location.

The big selling points for me were/are:

1) Weight:  Lightweight and easy for me to take in and out of the water without an extra set of hands, not to mention store for the winter.

2) Price:  Any other vertical or cantilever lift for jet skis out there couldn't come close in price, had far more moving parts, not the same build quality, and couldn't be used in the future (if needed) as a way to get larger craft out of the water.

3) Quality: All aluminum with stainless hardware, great instructions, easy assembly, and Quality customer service, meaning you actually talk to someone on the phone if you have a question.

Kudos to the designers and developers of the Swift Lift for a job well done."