The Swift Lift* is without question the lightest, most portable, safest and easiest to use PWC and small boat lift available. The standard six foot lengths pack down into an industrial strength puncture resistant carry bag so that you can take your lift with you wherever you go! A standard 12 foot model weighs approximately 120 pounds!

There are no moving parts which means no pinch points and no maintenance! The SWIFT SKIN slide rails are engineered to have better abrasion resistance than steel.  Drive your watercraft onto the support rails and effortlessly slide it back off when ready for use.  The patent pending technology of the Swift Skin includes a precise and continual placement of material peaks to decrease drag from a watercraft hull. 

The Bullet Nose Hull Guides and End Caps are precision machined to protect the craft and aid in safe mounting.

The heavy duty aluminum Dovetail Rail design allows for multiple adjustments to accomodate different hull widths and configurations. Legs attach to the Dovetail Rails by precisely engineered Quick Connect Pinch Blocks. The telescoping legs and optional leg height kits allow for varying water depths, shoreline and lake bottom conditions.

And because the Swift Lift is the only PWC and Boat lift with modular design features - THERE ARE NO LIMITS! If you want to increase the length add additional support-rail extensions. If you want to store boats side by side simply add additional base rail extensions. If you want to bring your Swift Lift with you when you travel-go ahead! And if you can think of it, we can build it. We love custom projects!

Protect your investment today with the Swift Lift.