10577-01-0005 - SwiftLift 6' Deep Water Lift

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10577-01-0005 - SwiftLift 6' Deep Water Lift

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Product Info: 6' Deep Water Lift weighs 92 LBS with the winch. It is rated for 2000 LBS capacity. The width of the lift is easily adjustable (factory width is 26" on center for the majority of boat widths). The lift can be put together in about 10 minutes!

A standard 6' deep water lift comes with the following:

F2 2000# Capacity Fulton Winch

2x 18" Telescoping Leg Kit

-the 18" telescoping leg kit expands to 33" overall length.


*Key points when considering if the deep water lift is correct for your situation - on the winching end of the lift you want approximately 19" - 24" above water to top of lift - if you have additional questions or need think you need different size legs please feel free to give us a call 320-496-0408 or e-mail us at poplifts@theswift-lift.com*




What is hassle free installation? - We will install/assemble the lift(s) for you - test the lifts to make sure they are in the best spot possible and adjusted correctly.


*Free Shipping on the second unit ordered when you ship through us instead of Freight! When selecting options for Shipping and Installation please leave boxes blank on the second unit! If you are ordering shipping through us instead of freight and you want installation on the second lift please leave the Shipping method blank and make sure the 'Installation' section is selected as 'Yes'.

If you are placing an order and you have any questions/concerns please feel free to call us at 320-496-0408 or e-mail us at poplifts@theswift-lift.com

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